The radio documentary Zydeco Nation traces a little known branch of the Great Migration. Its web site features photos by John Noltner, including this image of accordion player Andrew Carriere.

Documentaries and other produced works

Zydeco Nation tells the story of the French Creole migration from Louisiana to California and the rise of the Bay Area’s thriving zydeco culture. It was was funded in part by Cal Humanities and distributed by Prime Time Radio. Produced in 2012 by Barry Yeoman and Richard Ziglar; narrated by Richard.

GulfWatch is a project launched by public ten Gulf Coast radio and TV stations and led by Louisiana Broadcasting. It examines “the environmental, economic, legal and social implications of the massive spill that will be felt for years to come.” Funding comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Between February and July 2011, Barry Yeoman and Richard Ziglar produced 14 GulfWatch stories for KRVS in Lafayette, Louisiana. You can listen to any story by clicking on its title in the right-hand column of this page.

Still Singing the Blues, a two-part, two-hour radio documentary series about older blues and rhythm-and-blues musicians in New Orleans and South Louisiana. The series was funded in part by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. Produced in 2010 by Barry Yeoman and Richard Ziglar; narrated by Richard.

Elizabeth Edwards: A Political Thinker in her Own Right was broadcast by Prime Time Radio after Edwards’ death from breast cancer in 2010. It’s a four-minute excerpt from Barry’s 2007 interview with Edwards for O, The Oprah Magazine. Click below for the broadcast version; the link will take you to an audio slideshow featuring a 10-minute excerpt, along with photos by Jenny Warburg.

Listen to Elizabeth Edwards segment

Truckin’ My Blues Away, a music-rich hour-long radio documentary about four older Southern bluesmen-and the folklorist who is working to promote them on the world stage. Produced in 2010 by Barry Yeoman and Richard Ziglar for Prime Time Radio; narrated by Barry.

Listen to Truckin’ My Blues Away

Picking Up the Pieces, a Gracie Award-winning 2008 documentary about the growing role of parents in caring for veterans who return home severely injured from Iraq and Afghanistan. Reported, co-produced, and narrated by Barry, and distributed by Prime Time Radio. Produced by Steve Mencher.

Voices of Katrina, a documentary reported and narrated by Barry for Prime Time Radio. It was broadcast in 2007, on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Produced by Rachel McCarthy.

Listen to Voices of Katrina, Part 1

Listen to Voices of Katrina, Part 2

Podcasts and interviews

Living in Poverty, a 2010 conversation between Barry and Prime Time Radio’s Mike Cuthbert about seniors at the economic margin. Includes audio clips of three family matriarchs interviewed by Barry.

Listen to a series of  interviews for the StutterTalk podcast that Barry conducted in 2013 during the 10th World Congress of People who Stutter in Lunteren, The Netherlands. Also, Barry discusses blogging, journalism, and ethics during a 2009 StutterTalk podcast; discusses radio documentaries, teaching, and body image during a 2011 StutterTalk podcast; and discusses journalism, radio, and his encounter with Joseph Biden during a 2011 Stuttering is Cool podcast.

Barry discusses private military companies on Ian Masters’ Background Briefing, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles in 2004. Listen below.